Bas Thomas Broek
iOS & Tooling Developer


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I am a software developer from The Netherlands, currently living in Germany. I love sharing knowledge and learning from others at conferences, and enjoy speaking and giving workshops.

I value quality over quantity, and I want to make sure the projects I work on are delightful and different.

I am willing to relocate for work — even abroad.


Work related interests include Open Source Software, reading blogs, writing blog posts, speaking & mentoring, and Swift.

Other, non work related interests include cooking 🍳, baking 🍰, brewing & drinking coffee ☕️, listening to music 🎵, watching TV shows 📺, (mechanical) watches ⌚️, golfing 🏌, skiing ⛷, and cycling 🚴.

Work experience

xing-logo XING (Hamburg, 🇩🇪)

October 2018 – current (XING Technology Advisory Board)

The XING Technology Advisory Board helps the leadership to make strategic technology decisions by involving the engineering community so that XING can foresee technological trends, develop products sustainably, and stay attractive as an employer for engineers.

September 2018 – current (iOS Platform Team)

Working in the iOS Platform team, working on app-wide improvements, architecture & frameworks.

August 2017 – September 2018 (Mobile Releases Team)

Working on iOS, Android & Windows tooling, release management and continuous integration infrastructure.

nu-nl-logo (Hoofddorp, 🇳🇱)

February 2017 - June 2017

Final internship, working on UI-driven functional tests. I helped setting up their agnostic infrastructure to work with the iOS platform as well, and looked at the future of testing at the company.

bringme-logo Bringme (Louvain, 🇧🇪)

July 2016 – October 2016

In the summer of 2016 I worked at Bringme, a company solving the pain points of online shopping, delivering your items to boxes instead of at home. Here, I made a proof of concept, native iOS app, at a point the company was considering a switch from hybrid to native development. They chose native, and released their native apps for iOS and Android in May 2017.

iculture-app-icon iCulture (Amsterdam, 🇳🇱)

September 2015 – August 2016

At iCulture I’ve done an internship from September 2015 to February 2016. iCulture is the biggest Apple blog in The Netherlands, located in Amsterdam.

During my internship, I have been working on special projects at the company.

apostle-app-icon Apostle (‘s Hertogenbosch / Venlo, 🇳🇱)

December 2014 – July 2015

During my time at Apostle, a Dutch company looking to “implement and maintain your company’s and employees’ social media”, I not only built an iOS application that enables users to create posts for multiple social media platforms, but I have also been doing QA for both their web products and apps, as well as writing “get started” guides for their tools.


swiftforgood-icon Swift for Good co-author

Swift for Good is a book written by 20 top authors and speakers, with 100% of all revenue going to charity. For volume 1, I wrote a chapter on accessibility.

swiftaveiro-icon SwiftAveiro co-organizer

September 2019 – current

Co-organizing SwiftAveiro, a Swift workshop conference in Aveiro, Portugal.

raywenderlich-icon Tech Editor

June 2019 – current

Technical editing of iOS articles for RayWenderlich.

contravariance-icon Contravariance Podcast

August 2018 – current

A podcast about Apple, Swift and other programming topics. Co-hosting with Benedikt Terhechte.

swift-weekly-brief-icon Swift Weekly Brief

January 2018 – current

Bringing you an overview of what’s been happing in open source Swift every other Thursday. I’ve been contributing content before taking over curation of the newsletter in January 2018.

concerts-app-icon Concerts iOS app

February 2016 – October 2017

Concerts is an app, written in Swift, providing touring information for the artists you know and love.

The app lets you “follow” artists and see when and where they are touring, RSVP to events, and even buy tickets right from the app.

Other experience

Open Source Software

I ❤️ OSS. The collaboration it enables is truly wonderful. That’s why I like to contribute to projects I use and love, making them even better.

Some projects I have been involved in:


GitHawk is an iOS app that makes managing GitHub accounts and projects easier. I’ve been contributing to this app in a couple of ways, such as improving its accessibility, writing blog posts and developing new features. As of February 2019, I’m helping lead the project.

Check out the app on GitHub.


Moya is a network abstraction layer written in Swift. I’ve been contributing to this project by making their documentation even more awesome, working on the library’s migration from Swift 2 to 3, as well as helping 9ut users with any issues they might have.

try! Swift

try! Swift is a Swift conference held in multiple cities around the world.

I have helped out enhancing the iOS app for the conference to be more flexible and more easy to use.

Check out the app on GitHub.


Fontys University of Applied Sciences (Eindhoven, 🇳🇱)

September 2013 – July 2017

At Fontys, I studied ICT & Software, with a focus on Mobile. Here, I have been working with C#, Java, relational databases, Swift, Java for Android and more.


Delta is a Fontys initiative providing what could be called an excellence program for students:

“Students who participate in the Delta program work on their own goals and interests. They work on ‘exploration projects’, where they are given full freedom to explore a new technology or technique such as Google Glass, Drones, Virtual Reality and 3D printing. But this can also be collaborating on projects for real clients.”

Here, I made Opus, a Smart Mirror, making use of technologies such as Leap Motion, Kinect and more. This project went through a full cycle, from concepting to realization.


Swift, Objective-C, Git (& GitHub), Java, Ruby, Groovy, C#, SQL / PLSQL, PHP, Python, Continuous Integration, Scrum, Quality Assurance, Testing & Testability, Technical Writing.


Language Dutch English German
Speaking Native Fluent Basic
Writing Native Fluent Basic
Reading Native Fluent Intermediate


Bas is helping the team to stay fit, by questioning things and force for proper development and documentation of the work.

Bas is eager for knowledge and always a good partner in discussing ideas and solutions.

Bas is not only super smart and technically strong, but he is friendly, personable and enjoys collaborating with his colleagues.

Bas is an always curious and polite person that strives for a high level of quality in his work and the work that other people do. He can inspire you to do better in a friendly but determined matter. He sometimes seems to be sceptical of social situations but quickly thaws if he recognizes equal interests in his conversation partner.

Bas is a very structured person and extremely good at organising. This makes him a great addition to any team to focus the team on important details and topics.

Bas is a highly committed and driven individual always striving to self improve, teach and help others.

I really liked to work and especially discuss ideas with you. Even if some of the things you asked created more work for me, in the end it was for the better and things we created were useful for the future.

[..] Bas deserve[s] special praise for giving in-depth reviews that help spread knowledge and significantly improve the overall quality of the code.

Bas is [..] not only [..] great on the technical side, but is also a very good communicator, improves team and company processes and does so in an impressively gentle but tenacious way. Bas seriously impresses me by the level of quality he achieved in and the care he puts into so many different areas of software development.

Bas is a driver for change and improvement. He is an activator for the rest of the team, leading by example and inspiring them. Bas takes responsibility and is not afraid of challenges.

Bas is passionate to share and keep learning. He is good at bringing people together to find creative solutions.